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Getting Information About Your Loved One

We always want to provide family and key friends with updates on their loved one's progress.


Having a loved one in ICU can be stressful and you will no doubt have many questions regarding their progress.  Some of these questions will be best answered by the nurse looking after your loved one and the nurse can also arrange a social worker to meet with you if you have any questions about accommodation, medical certificates or other practical concerns.

Our morning ward rounds are a very busy time and occur from 8:00 am and sometimes take all morning.  During this time each patient will be reviewed and carefully examined by the ICU medical team. We are open to patients' loved ones being present during this round. However, as patient care, privacy and dignity is our upmost priority, on occasion the ICU medical team may ask that you step outside of the unit during the bedside assessment.

While these rounds can provide an opportunity to briefly discuss patient progress, this might not always be possible. Frequently, updates on patient progress are best conducted away from the bedside in an environment where multiple members can attend and there is sufficient time to fully explore the complex issues that commonly arise in the ICU. The bedside nurse will be able to arrange meetings with the medical staff as required. 

You can assist us in improving the way that we communicate with you.  It is very helpful if you can coordinate your family members so that all those that should be at the meeting can attend, and to identify one family member to act as a spokesperson for the family.  This will mean that we have as much time as possible to care for your loved one whilst maximising the information that we can provide you with.

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