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Looking After Yourself

We will look after your loved one. Please look after yourself and your family.

Having a family member or friend in the ICU is an emotional time for everyone involved. In some circumstances, it may also be a very long process, so it is important to take good care of yourself, particularly during the first few days, to ensure you have the strength and energy to offer support when your loved on leaves the ICU.

Please try to: 

• Drink water

• Eat regular meals - you can’t think straight without food

• Sleep regularly - sleep will help you think rationally, drive more safely & have more energy to help your loved one. Resting in a dark quiet room is better than nothing - and you might fall asleep!

• Exercise – just a short walk may help clear your head (there is a big park just across Commercial Rd.

• Do some ‘normal’ things (have a coffee with a friend, watch your kids’ music/sport practice, go outside...)

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