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What you will need for a Telehealth Video Call:

  • A web camera - built-in or attached using a USB port

  • A microphone - usually built into most laptops and external webcams

  • Speakers and headsets - speakers are usually built into most laptops, but not necessarily into external webcams

  • A reliable connection to the internet - if you can watch a video online, you can make a video call

  • A private, well-lit area - where you will not be disturbed during the consultation

  • An internet connection 

  • It is quite easy to conduct a telehealth Video Call consultation. 


At the time for the meeting:

Start the Video Call consultation by clicking on the link that will be provided to you by the ICU, either via text message or via email.  A digital form will ask for your name. The next step will have you “on hold” waiting for the ICU healthcare provider to join the call.

Is it secure?

Video calls are secure; your privacy is protected. You will have your own private video room that only authorised clinicians can enter.

Tips for a good Video Call experience

There are a few simple steps you can take to making sure you have the best possible Video Call experience. These tips will help others see and hear you clearly and minimize potential equipment and internet issues.



Charge the device you will be using to participate in your Video Call, if required.


Update your device’s operating system if required.


Choose a quiet, comfortable place to sit before your consultation begins.


Conduct a Precall Test when setting up your Telehealth Video Call – especially if this is your first Video Call experience. This will ensure you have all the technical requirements to make a Video Call and alert you to any issues with equipment, your internet connection, and browsers.


Ensure you are in a well-lit space – but don’t have a strong light source behind you or you will be in silhouette and other participants in the call won’t be able to see you clearly. It is best to make sure that there are no bright lights or windows that the camera can see.


If you have a headset or headphone with a microphone, this will provide the clearest audio with the least background noise. Make sure it is connected to your computer before your Video Call begins.


It is helpful to have these things ready and handy nearby:

  • A pen and paper to take notes if needed

  • Any questions you may want to ask

What do I do if something is not working?

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